1. Learning from Apple's livestream perf fiasco →


    Apple’s Sept 9th livestream got a lot of press, both good (great products), and bad: broken livestream, site downtime, and so on. We’ll leave the products to the press, but let’s dissect (some) of the perf problems…


    Running the livestream page through WPT shows that even without the…

  2. betype:

    Alphabeta by Lucas Young

  3. type-lover:

    Marianina FY Family
    by Alisa Nowak & Fontyou

  4. Ghost Town - Hot 8 Brass Band covering the Specials

  5. Leftover Crack - Gang Control

  6. Altercations - The Tossers

    "And they’re out to fuckin’ nick you, ‘cause that’s their fuckin’ job." 

  7. artruby:

    Glass sculpture by Mario Ceroli.

  8. prostheticknowledge:

    Division by Zero

    Latest sound art installation by vtol is a levitating speaker that plays generated glitch noises - video embedded below:

    autonomous, zero gravity sound object
    - magnetic levitation coil/magnet system
    - bluetooth sound receiver
    - 2 channel micro sound system
    - pure data for glitch sounds


  9. tresviri:

Follow Tresviri, Only dead fish go with the flow.


    Follow Tresviri, Only dead fish go with the flow.

    (Source: airows)

  10. New stuff from Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer - so excited!

  11. hateplow:




  12. Zack Dougherty

    Zack Dougherty

  13. Chum - Earl Sweatshirt

  14. Elvis is Dead by Steven Quinn

    Elvis is Dead by Steven Quinn